Posted by: liturgicalyear | March 5, 2014

Beginning this Lenten Journey

As we begin Lent today, on this Ash Wednesday, I thought I’d share with you an entry I read last night from St. Faustina’s diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul. Her words encourage me to go deeper, and I believe she speaks of the key to making these next six weeks fruitful: abandoning oneself to the will of God.

1326 We are beginning an eight-day retreat today. Jesus, my Master, help me to make these holy retreat exercises with the greatest fervor possible. May Your Spirit guide me, O God, into the most profound depths of knowledge of Yourself, and of my own self as well. For I shall love You only as much as I shall come to know You. And I shall despise myself only as much as I shall come to known my misery. I know, Lord, that You will not refuse me Your help. I desire to come out of this retreat a saint, even though human (4) eyes will not notice this, not even those of the superiors. I abandon myself entirely to the action of Your grace. Let Your will be accomplished entirely in me, O Lord.

1327 First day. Jesus: My daughter, this retreat will be an uninterrupted contemplation. I will bring you into this retreat as into a spiritual banquet. Close to My merciful Heart, you will meditate upon all the graces your heart has received, and a deep peace will accompany your soul. I want the eyes of your soul to be always fixed on My holy will, since it is in this way that you will please Me most. No sacrifices can be compared to this. Throughout all the exercises you will remain close to My Heart. You shall not undertake any reforms, because I will dispose of your whole life as I see fit. The priest who will preach the retreat will not speak a single word which will trouble you.  (Note: Jesus’ words in bold)

“Father, not my will but thine be done.” (Lk 22:42)

Let’s make this our Lenten prayer.

My Jesus, I trust in you!  Anne

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