Posted by: liturgicalyear | February 5, 2013

Getting Ready for Lent

Lent begins one week from tomorrow!  That’s right, Ash Wednesday is just around the corner.  So I ask…

What do you plan to do to get the most out of Lent?

I encourage you today, to get out your calendar and make some dates for yourself:

  • A date for confession
  • A date to do your Year of Faith plenary indulgence
  • Dates to volunteer
  • Dates to work on reducing the unneeded things in your home and donate them to charity
  • Dates for your local parish mission
  • Dates for a retreat
  • Dates that you plan to go to adoration
  • Dates to study your faith, or perhaps attend a bible study, or book club.  If there isn’t one around, host one for Lent

We make dates for all sorts of things.  Why not for Lent?  Why not for Jesus?

Make a plan and aim for it.  Let this Lent be better than last and grab hold of this wonderful opportunity of grace the Church gives us.

Now, I know as much you that we oft fall short of our aim, but that’s okay – aiming for something is better than aiming at nothing.  For, if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

We adore You, Oh Christ, and we bless You because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world!  Anne


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