Posted by: liturgicalyear | January 31, 2013

Saint John Bosco

Today we celebrate the feast of  Saint John Bosco.  I believe he is a saint for our times.

We live in a time of unprecedented fatherlessness in our country.  Children who grow up without fathers have tremendous odds against them.  Saint John Bosco’s life’s work was to help the homeless, jobless, uneducated boys of Turin, Italy during the tumultuous time of famine and revolution of the mid-1800s.  Many boys left their families and came to the city seeking work, but many found none. With no money and hungry or a place to live, lots of boys got into trouble.  At the age of 9 John Bosco heard God’s call to tend to these children, teaching them the Faith, establishing schools, finding them work, feeding them and clothing them.

So much has been written of his life.  I invite you to read about it here or here. More importantly, I ask you to pray for fatherless children, for men to realize their importance and to take responsibility for their sons and daughters, and for God to heal the brokenness in their children’s lives.

St. John Bosco, pray for us!  Anne

A Prayer for the Fatherless

(from the Abba Fund blog)

Father,  I pray for the thousands of children here in the US who are without a father to call their own and for the millions around the world who are longing for a daddy.
I praise You that You care more about the fatherless than anyone.
You are their defender, their protector, their sustainer.
You are their Father when they have none.
I praise You that we can trust in You to work your purposes in each one of these children’s lives.
I praise You for how you are at work to provide them with earthly fathers.
That it is Your heart to place them in families.
Lord, have mercy! Don’t leave them as orphans!
Magnify yourself in pouring out your mercy in their lives here and around the world!
Stir your church to visit orphans in their affliction and make visible the glorious gospel!
Awaken the church to the need and the awesome opportunity to minister to the “least of these” and in doing so, to care for Jesus! O the thought of that is amazing. Overwhelming!
Move us, shake us, break us O Lord to have your Father’s heart this day for those who need a father.
In all this, I pray in the name of Jesus, that you would do more than I could ask or imagine for the sake of your name and the joy of the fatherless!


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