Posted by: liturgicalyear | January 8, 2013

Our response to the Epiphany

Today the Church celebrates the Tuesday after the Epiphany.  Hmmmm…rather a strange way to name a day, but the Church uses such a name to remind us that we are still in the Christmas season.  This is no ordinary time, and this is no ordinary day.  This is a time of great grace!

The daily mass readings for the past week or so have progressed through the first letter of John.  Today’s reading comes from chapter 4.  One verse in that letter speaks to me of the importance of the naming of this day.

John writes:

In this is love:
not that we have loved God, but that he loved us
and sent his Son as expiation for our sins. (1 Jn 4:10)

“…not that we have love God, but that he loved us” first, desiring us and willing us into existence and then wanting us to manifest his love to the world.  He wanted this for all of mankind, not just the Jewish people, not just you and me, but for all.

He also wants it for all time.  Then and now.  Just as the star led the wise men to Jesus, we must be that star for others in the darkness of this world.

In this week of the Epiphany let us make an extra effort to manifest this unfathomable love God has for all his children.  Let His light and love shine through you in everything you think, say, and do; with those you know and love and those you don’t; at home and in the world.  Don’t let an opportunity pass by to witness to this awesome, unconditional love!

Sweet babe of Bethlehem, have mercy on us!  Anne

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