Posted by: liturgicalyear | December 13, 2012

Re-energize your Advent

Today, on Thursday of the second week of Advent, we find ourselves less than two weeks from the celebration of the Feast of Christmas.  So it seems like a good time to ask: How’s your Advent going?

If you’re like me, you started with great enthusiasm, but are finding consistency a challenge.

A few months ago I read something that captured my attention – the words of Jesus spoken through 3 holy women.  After reading and reflecting, I started to begin my morning by very conciously giving God my heart and my day – a simple, sleepy offering.  Unfortunately, the sleepiness began to win out, and I got out of the practice.  Yesterday as I was sorting through some papers, I ran across those words again. They grabbed as they did the first time, and in a desire to reignite my personal Advent candles, I’m going to start again tomorrow morning before my feet hit the floor.  I will give Him my day and my heart as I await His coming again at Christmas.  I invite you to join me in making this part of your waking moments for the remainder of Advent.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!  Anne

– Our Lord to  Mystic, Sr. Josefa Menendez“When you awake, enter at once into My Heart, and when you are in it, offer My Father all your actions united to the pulsations of My Heart…if [a person is] engaged in work of no value in itself, if she bathes it in My Blood or unites it to the work I Myself did during My mortal life, it will greatly profit souls…more, perhaps, than if she had preached to the whole world. You will save many souls that way.”

– Our Lord to St. Mechtilde “When you awake in the morning, let your first act be to salute My Heart, and to offer Me Your own…whoever shall breathe a sigh toward Me from the bottom of his heart when he awakes in the morning and shall ask Me to work all his works in him throughout the day, will draw Me to him… For never does a man breathe a sigh of longing aspiration toward Me without drawing Me nearer to him than I was before.”

– Our Lord to Mystic, Gabrielle Bossis“It is not merely by praying that souls are saved, but through the actions of even the most ordinary lives lived for God… Offer Me everything united to My life on earth… Offer Me all the crosses of the world. There are so many, and few think of offering them to Me in expiation for sins.”

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