Posted by: liturgicalyear | September 6, 2012

The Precious Blood of Jesus

The things I had planned for today were redirected by a change in schedule outside of my control.  I’m trying to be better steward of this temple of the Holy Spirit given to me by God, and thus, I’m trying to make exercise a regular part of my week.

I’ve failed miserably in the last month.  Today’s twist does not bode well for execution of this plan.

So, I reconsidered, talking to myself, “Okay, you can exercise at home for about a half hour…do what you can and not what you can’t.”  I went into my family room to do some floor work and turned on EWTN to accompany me.  Fr. Mitch Pacwa led the rosary.  Yummy!  Prayer always makes exercise easier!  At the conclusion of the rosary some friars prayed the Litany of the Precious blood.  It was short and sweet and beautiful!  I loved it, and I thought you might, too.

So, today, I invite you to join me in praying the Litany of the Precious Blood, begging God’s mercy upon us and upon the whole world.

(I tried to download the it so that you would could just continue your prayer with this post, but it was a formatting nightmare.  I gave up.  Click here for EWTN’s litany and be sure to click on the mp3 link at the top of the page to pray it out loud.)

Precious blood of Jesus, save us!  Anne

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