Posted by: liturgicalyear | June 26, 2012

The Golden Rule

For the past couple of weeks, the daily gospel readings have come from the book of Matthew, and in today’s reading Jesus provides a simple, yet challenging, reminder:  “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the Law and the Prophets.” (Mt 7:12)

Imagine if we lived this teaching in everything we do?

  • When someone aggravates us, we take a deep patient breath.
  • When someone speaks an unkind word, we respond with kindness.
  • When someone cut us off in traffic, we let it go.
  • When someone needs someone to talk to, we listen no matter how inconvenient.
  • When someone apologizes, we quickly accept it.
  • When someone does something we don’t quite understand, we give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • When someone speaks harshly, we return it with gentleness.
  • When someone acts rashly, we do not judge them.
  • When someone is thoughtless, we readily forgive them.
  • When someone provokes us, we control our temper.
  • When someone misinterprets our intentions, we reach out to them to clear the misunderstanding.
  • When someone loves us, we love them back.

There are so many ways we can treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated.  Take a few minutes and pray, asking the Holy Spirit to show you how you need to exercise this teaching today.  See what else you can add to this list.  Then ask your guardian angel to help you in each moment of the day when you must make a conscious decision to pause live the Golden Rule.

Guardian Angel, pray for us!  Anne


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