Posted by: liturgicalyear | February 19, 2012

Want to bring the Living the Liturgical Year Workshop to your Parish?

This blog developed out of a workshop Anne and I give twice annually for the Achdiocese of Boston Lay Catechetical Certificate Program and surrounding parishes. We had another workshop yesterday, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek – and solicit comments from those who have participated in the past – in case you might want to invite us to your parish in the Boston, Southern NH region. Anne and I feel humbled with the blessings that come to us through this work, and we get lovely feedback on the workshop’s effectiveness. Might you want to invite us to your parish?

Our Living the Liturgical Year Booklet

Each participant receives a 100-page Living the Liturgical Year booklet that takes you through each liturgical season.  The booklet includes our three-layered of approach for each season of the Church year: Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas/Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentacost.

  1. An overview for each season, so you deepen your understanding of how each season fits into the “big picture” of the entire life of our Church.
  2. Detailed, easy-to-do activities for each season, which focus on all ages: young children, tweens and teens. We recognize those doing these at home have limited time, and CCD teachers have curriculum they must follow. Hence, we have given a few choice activities per season, which you can complement easily with your life and curriculum needs.
  3. Personal Piety – spiritual readings and prayer practices for each liturgical season, which you can do in short stretches of time. This feeds you spiritually, and gives you step-by-step,  and very achievable,  goals per season, so that you can really walk the walk.

The Living the Liturgical Year Workshop

We provide a 2.5 hour teaching session, complete with posters and Power Point visuals, along with display tables for activities and resources. This makes for a multi-sensory learning experience, so that you leave really having grown, rather than left with an overload of material washing over you.

We have a series of short informative and informational talks about each season. Anne presents the overview for understanding the Liturgical Year, and the challenges we all face understanding and teaching in a culture that does not begin from the foundational principles that God created us, and that he created us to know him, to love him, to serve him and to live with him in happiness forever in heaven.

I teach an overview for each liturgical season, along with a virtue to focus on for that season, a saint(s) to focus on, and activities appropriate for a variety of age groups. We do a learning activity together on memorizing the virtues with the help of Kevin Vost’s book, Memorize the Faith!  Anne follows by sharing personal devotion practices for each season, with short selections from some of the spiritual works, with messages that capture each season.

Who we are…

Anne and I often wonder if God brought us together for this special purpose. We represent the full sweep of the Church community: She is a cradle Catholic, who had a brief falling-away period in her young adult years, and I’m a convert from the Episcopal church. We are both mothers, and Anne also has the experience of being an adoptive parent. We also have a great teaching synergy that enables us to connect with others in a variety of ways.

Please share your feedback…

If you’ve participated in our workshops, we’d love you to share your experiences with a broader audience. We’d love to know how you’ve used what you’ve learned at the workshop in your parish and home. If you’re interested in finding out more about bringing this workshop to your parish, click email us at .



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