Posted by: liturgicalyear | May 19, 2011

Suffering Children and Sorrowing Mothers

I write today with a heavy heart.  I received an update from a family I know whose 2-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with  langerhans cell histiocytosis.  It is a rare disease, and this little one has many of its symptoms.  Yesterday, the family received more bad test results indicating further complications.  Their road is long and arduous.

The mystery of the suffering of the innocent confounds us.  We’ve all seen it, been part of it, or experienced it ourselves.  We do ask, “Why?”  We do question, “How could a loving God allow this?”  We lack answers.  It remains one of the most profound of human mysteries.

Our strength and hope lie in the suffering of Jesus.  We learn how to suffer by following his example, by loving and surrendering ourselves and those we love into the arms of God, by trusting in God, and by hoping in His promises.  We pray for healing and wholeness in the end, and we pray to get through next awful moment.  We pray God sends us someone to comfort and console us.  We carry our heavy cross on the road to Calvary with Jesus.

I think the hardest suffering to accept is that of little children.  It’s one thing if you bring on your own suffering.  It’s another when it is thrust upon you.  Little children don’t deserve it.  We believe their innocence should protect them from it.  Add into the mix a sorrowing mother, struggling to care for her child, and having no answers to the tiny eyes peering at her for understanding.  The pure helplessness pierces the heart.  They walk the road to Calvary with Mary.

If you know a family struggling in this way, I encourage you to reach out and support them in practical ways – meals, child care, fundraising for medical expenses, housekeeping, babysitting – whatever way practical to be the feet and arms of Jesus.  Knowing they are not alone brings tremendous comfort to the family.  Your love will help to cast out their fear. 

Would you join me today in praying to Jesus and Mary for all families struggling with the illness of a little child, especially for Katie and her family?  For a complete and total healing; for mom and dad and siblings; for people to support the family in a practical manner; and for Jesus to hold them and comfort them in the center of His most merciful and Sacred Heart; and for Our Lady to wrap them up in her mantle and mother them fully.

My Jesus, I trust in You!  Anne



  1. Beautifully said, Ann. Suffering children has always been hard for me to understand too. God doesn’t do it, but it makes adult indifference begin to ask God a question. Maybe for the first time in their life, they are realizing life is a gift & look to God to help them grow in FAith.
    I just keep on praying. God answers every prayer. ….His way.
    My sister used to say “love will find a way” and that used to annoy me & I’d say ‘thats not gonna solve things ” ..but you know she was right. Love is God’s greatest gift. Perfect Love & Compassion. He hears

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