Posted by: liturgicalyear | March 5, 2011

God knows

I just received the December issue of MaryKnoll Magazine.  In it, I found a beautiful poem I’d like to share with you.  It is a photo reflection on the Incarnation, so something will be lacking without pictures, but it’s still worthy of pondering as we approach the season of Lent – where God’s divinity and humanity united in the incarnation express the fullness of love in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

God Knows
by Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

God knows how it feels
To cry like a baby and die like a criminal.

God knows how it feels
To work with rough hands on rougher wood
And walk this earth with calloused feet
And taste the sweetness of precious food
Shared one last time with parting friends.

God knows a broken heart hurts more
Than whip or cross or nails or crown.

God knows comfort in a mother’s arms,
Longing for a father’s love,
Sadness at a brother’s loss,
Strength of a sister’s undying loyalty.

God knows why
A heart overflowing with love
Erupts with anger
When people hurt one another.

God knows the joy of life restore
When the dead arise and the lost are found.

God knows all this not by being God alone,
But because a woman once said yes,
And God became one of us.

O Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the living god, have mercy on me, a sinner!

In His love and light, Anne


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