Posted by: liturgicalyear | August 27, 2010

More transitions

Today I’m heading up to Maine for my nephew’s wedding.  He is the first of my nephews & nieces to get married.  Today, Barbara heads up to NH to drop off her second daughter at college.  More transitions.

Today is the feast of St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine, whose feast we celebrate tomorrow.  Augustine wandered for many years until the Hound of Heaven captured him, and he was able to let go of his earthly desires to follow his heavenly ones.  All the while, his mom prayed for him.  He eventually became a Doctor of the Church and one of the biggest minds in the history of the Church.   Never underestimate the power of a praying parent!

So I write today to encourage all us moms to “pray without ceasing” for our children – all of those children in our lives – who live in such an upside down world.   Pray for those entering marriage to be faithful to their vows.  Pray for those entering college campuses to stay faithful to the Truth.  Pray for all the other moms out there who are making transitions.

God bless,  Anne


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