Posted by: liturgicalyear | May 20, 2010

Making a Holy Spirit lap book

Lap books are new to a lot of people, but I’ve used them extensively in my homeschooling & kids really like it.  I thought I’d show you one I put together on the gifts & the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  It might be a fun activity to do with your kids as we lead up to Pentecost.  You can also adapt the idea for use in the CCD classroom during other parts of the year. 

I wrote up instructions for you to follow along.  Click here to see them.  Hopefully they’re clear enough to understand & correlate with my pictures below.  (Please do let me know if you have any trouble.)

This lap book can be used to help students learn the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit found in Isaiah 11 & Galatians 5.  Note that I use the computer to print out my materials.  This is not necessary.  All of it can be done by hand – especially little hands – to reduce mom’s/the teacher’s work.  I do this because I often re-use my materials & find putting them on the computer helps me.  Do whatever works best for you.


  • Manila folder (plain or colored)
  • Plain paper (and colored if desired)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Single edged razor or box cutter
  • Markers, crayons, pencils, pens, etc

 Here’s the Cover:

and the inside:

On either side of the tree are orange “matchbooks” which are labelled with the gifts of the spirit.  These matchbooks are folded in half.  On the top flap of the matchbook is the name of the gift of the spirit.  On the inner flap the student/child writes the definition.

The inner section is a tree with the fruits of the spirit hidden underneath little “windows”.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s all opened up:

Kids really enjoy this as a different way to learn.  Rather than a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet, you can take that same information & put it in a different format which keeps them more engaged.  Try it out!  You’ll like it too.

Come Holy SpiritAnne

 Check out for more terrific ideas you can use to teach the faith.  If you’re a homeschooler & are looking for lapbooks ideas to use across you’re curriculum check out




  1. wonderful recourse. and a beautiful lapbook. thank you.

  2. Just started doing lapbooks – love this one. Wondering if you could post where you obtained you wondering pictures from. Thanks.

    • I don’t really remember where I found the pics. I suspect I googled something like “Holy spirit clip art” and downloaded the pic. I might have gone to google images and searched on Holy Spirit. Microsoft Office also has online clip art. I think that’s where I got the tree. Given that the best thing I can draw is a conclusion, clip art is the way to go for me. God bless, Anne

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